Supporting the

Falconer Children’s Home

and Orphanage, Kabulamema, Zambia

The Falconer Trust

The Beginnings of the Trust

The Falconer Trust was formed by Henry and ‘Rene Webb in 1980 with the primary purpose of supporting Miss Falconer and the children’s home that she had founded. Henry’s interest in Miss Falconer’s work started when he joined Mr Bland and Mr McKenzie who ran a Sunday School in the library at Neashan Road, Dagenham. Miss Falconer had stayed with Mr Bland at his home in Seven Kings while studying tropical medicine in London prior to sailing for Africa, and had worshipped with him at Wangey Road Chapel in Chadwell Heath. The Sunday School moved into Lillechurch Gospel Hall after it was built in the early 1950s. All the Sunday School collections were saved and sent to help Miss Falconer and her ‘chocolate drops’, a term that would not be used today. Soon annual ‘Toy Sundays’ were being held and ‘parcels’ containing toys as well as baby food began to be sent to the orphanage by post.

When Henry retired from his position with the Nationwide Building Society The Falconer Trust was brought into being as the vehicle with which to support the thriving ‘Falconer Children’s Home and Orphanage’. If you should have visited Henry and Rene at their home in Goodmayes, Ilford, you would have seen the parcels stacked in the hallway ready for dispatch to the Children’s Home via a freight carrier.

Henry and Rene Webb with parcels ready to be sent to Zambia.

The Trust Today

The task of packing, sorting and dispatching the goods so lovingly given, has now moved to Norfolk where one of Henry’s sons , Ken oversees the running of ‘The Trust’. An industrial unit in Watton is used for storage of all the donations of clothes, food, toiletries etc., and where the parcels are packed ready for dispatch. On average 60 parcels are sent every six weeks (eight batches per year), with a weight of about 950kg per batch.

In April 2014 Neil Starling joined the team as Manager of the trust, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust.

In February 2015 Neil and Ken were photographed for articles on the Falconer Trust which appeared in the Eastern Daily Press and the Watton and Swaffham Times.

Three Newsletters are produced each year and our mailing list extends to 1600 friends who receive the latest news. Please use the form on the Newsletter page if you or your fellowship would like to be added to our mailing list. Neil, Ken, Pat and many others have visited the Home on several occasions and videos of the visits are available. Neil is also available to visit Churches, schools and any other interested groups to share the story of Miss Falconer and the Children’s Home. Please contact him for more information (phone 01953 884468 or email

Parcels being unloaded at the Falconer Home, Kabulamema.