Supporting the

Falconer Children’s Home

and Orphanage, Kabulamema, Zambia

The ‘Raise The Roof’ Project

The roof gradually takes shape.

Sinks and showers are installed, and drains are dug.

The windows are painted and glazed.

Electric lights and power sockets are installed.

Two new bedrooms are built.

Walls are painted with elephant stencils added.

New front doors and a new painted sign.

For two weeks during late June/early July 2016, a team of six men travelled to the Falconer Home to carry out renovation work on a derelict dormitory. The work was to include:

This would then provide good quality accommodation for 24 boys. The roof also needed replacing, and the plan was that this would be done before the team arrived. Unfortunately, when we arrived, there was no roof, and no roof trusses! This meant a very large extra piece of work needed to be added to the schedule, providing a massive challenge.

The UK team: Ken, Peter, Dennis, Eric;

(Kneeling) Neil, Graham

Some of the Zambian team

The dormitory when we arrived

During the months before travelling to the home, we had sent out many parcels containing tools, equipment and all the necessary plumbing and electrical components, so that they would be waiting for us when we arrived. Unfortunately, they were not there when we arrived, adding to the already daunting challenge.

We made a start on constructing roof trusses, and bricklaying for the two new rooms, muddling through with the few tools we had available. The Zambian team worked very hard on these two aspects of the project, and the roof and bedrooms quickly took shape. Three days into the work, and most of our tools arrived, and we were able to start work on the rest of the project.

By the end of the two weeks, the roof was completed, the showers and sinks were installed, the electrical work was completed, the windows were glazed, and the central area of the building was decorated. There were new front doors on the dormitory, and a lovely painted sign on the front.

Further challenges came in the form of health issues. On the first day Eric, one of our volunteers, pulled a hamstring kicking a football! He was in pain for most of the two weeks. Most of the team suffered from tummy problems - we think the water disagreed with us!

All of this was made possible by the generosity and the prayers of our many supporters. Our thanks go to them, to our team of workers (both British and Zambian), and most of all to God, by whose grace we were able to achieve so much!

The dormitory at the end of two weeks.