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Falconer Children’s Home

and Orphanage, Kabulamema, Zambia

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The Trailer At Ilford

We are very grateful to Beryl Cairns, who has kindly kept our trailer at her home in Ilford, so that donated goods can be left there. Beryl is now moving, and so will no longer be able to keep the trailer. Please do not take any further goods there. We have not yet been able to make any alternative arrangements for keeping the trailer elsewhere, but we will let you know when we have done so.

We wish Beryl every blessing in her new home.

Data Protection - Important Information

All charities and businesses must comply with new laws regarding data protection, known as GDPR. One new requirement is that we are able to demonstrate that everyone whose data we hold (names, addresses, email and phone numbers) has given permission for us to store this data. For this reason, we are asking everyone on our database to complete and return a consent form, so that we have this permission on record. You can obtain a consent form by clicking here .Please print off the form and send it to us, or scan it and email it to us.

Only supply the data you wish us to have (for example, you do not need to give your telephone number if you do not wish us to have it). If you receive your newsletter from someone other than ourselves (e.g. it is passed on to you from a friend or someone at church), and you are therefore not on our database, you do not need to complete a form. Completing and returning the form will also ensure that we have your information correct and up to date. If you do not complete a form then unfortunately we will have to remove you from our database.

Please click here to read our privacy notice detailing your rights regarding the data we hold on you.

Update on the 2018 Visit

Neil and Dennis spent two weeks at the Home in May. The needs at the Home continue to be many. During our stay the Toyota 4x4 which is owned by the Home was involved in an accident with another car on the dirt roads about a mile from the Home. The car was being driven by Hendrix, one of the young workers, and there were several passengers. There were injuries to people in both vehicles, though thankfully everyone is recovering well. The vehicle, however, was badly damaged, leaving the Home without transport. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of so many supporters, enough money was given to enable Simon to purchase another Toyota Hilux. Thank you so much to all who have helped make this possible.

There are other needs at the Home. The roof of the main building is in need of repairs before the start of the rainy season in October. Bringing in parcels from Ndola also continues to be a major challenge.

A great deal of work is taking place to ensure that the Home complies with new laws regarding policies and procedures, and the various documents necessary for this have been drafted.

There are also plans for improving the fabric of the buildings, notably upgrading the kitchen in the main building, and installing a second kitchen at the other end. We are grateful to the Rotary Club of Sidcup for giving major financial support to this project.

Since the visit Simon has been very ill, with a severe chest infection. He is now recovering well, and getting back to work on the various projects.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Finance Policy

The Falconer Trust has produced a formal Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. We recognise the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the children at the Home during our visits, and providing a framework for dealing with any potential issues which may arise. The staff at the Home have adopted a similar policy, so that the same level of protection and transparency is in place at all times. To view our policy click here. We have also adopted a Financial Management Policy, to ensure that all financial matters are handled in a transparent and rigorous manner.